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The words whispers is a publication created by gkgaius to share his words with the world. What can be found on this platform are POEMS, ESSAYS, FICTION, NON-FICTION. Sooner or Later, a podcast will be created. Till then, words will be published every week, every month, and yearly.

Every Wednesday, Every Month (1st of the month) , Every Year (Last Day of the year), something will be published. While this is going on, there will be a daily email sent out that readers are free to subscribe to.

So Who is gkgaius?

gkgaius is a writer living in the United States. I am married, blessed with two children, boy and girl. I am interested in many things of this world such as Futbol, Art, Design, The Stars, Philosophy, Animals so I tend to dive into these things as my day goes by. These things I’ve chosen as interests sometimes lead me all over the place which I consider a good thing.

Why have I chosen to write?

I chose to write because writing chose me first. I give credit to the first few books I read such as The Great Gastby, Ready Player One, and Legend. Without these books, I would have kept on doing what I was doing in High School. Without these books, I wouldn’t have read the great classics or inspired to write something great in life.

I’ll add on to this about page as the year goes on - God Willing. Till then, I urge the reader to subscribe to the words whispers and the daily email communication.

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